With noteworthy transformational Life Coach, Dr. Falisa Asberry! These insightful and comprehensive group workshops will provide confidence and education in various which young ladies may need guidance or support. Dr. Falisa has helped numerous clients, young adults, and first responders reach their next level of success and wholeness.


Take the next step for you or your child and get ready to have some fun while investing in the future!


What to expect:
  • Meet other parents, and share tips, & strategies.
  • Learn new tricks to help with everyday parenting.
  • Understand how parent involvement supports student success.
  • And much more! 

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Mini-Workshop for parents of

pre-teen & teen girls!


When: September 15, 2022

Time: 7:00-8:00pm ET

Cost: FREE

Where: Zoom


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About Your Host


Dr. Falisa Asberry

Prior to becoming  a noteworthy Transformational Coach, Dr. Falisa Asberry started her impressive career and studies in Cleveland, Ohio. Her fascination with human behavior began to grow during her 26+ years of working in law enforcement. It was there that Falisa was able to observe families and children suffering from dysfunctional relationships. 

Through this work as a police officer, and eventually, as a detective, Falisa’s curiosity led her to pursue a doctoral degree in Psychology, specializing in counseling. 

With this Psychology degree from Walden University in tandem with her Bachelors in Criminal Justice with cum laude honors from David N. Myers University and a Master of Science degree in the Administration of Criminal Justice from Tiffin University, Falisa has a unique and full understanding of the real-world human experience. 

Through extensive work in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership studies, Falisa is the ultimate guiding light for families, women, first responders, and young adults. From effective communication techniques to the tools needed to create successful relationships, She has been able to support numerous clients in working through the layers of life they feel are holding them back. 

Falisa’s two beautiful daughters and husband of 24+ years are her driving force. The support of her family and seeing her clients win is why she is so passionate about seeing healing in families, authentic self-love in women, success in young adults, and providing a safe space for first responders to be seen and heard.